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2018 employee skill competition commendation

广州导新模具注塑有限公司:2019-05-16 Reading number:3567 Share to:

      In order to highlight the spirit of artisans and promote the construction of high-skilled talents in the company, in October 2018, the company organized employees to actively participate in the "2018 Staff Skills Competition" organized by the Intelligent Equipment Group Corporation.
      On May 15, 2019, he was notified that two of the employees were awarded the first place in the electrician competition group and the third place in the electrician's promotion group. The person who won the competition group also received the senior work from the Municipal People's Bureau. Skill level certificate.
      In recognition of the winners, we encourage advanced and establish a typical model. The new company's trade unions decided to add cash rewards to the commended employees. We hope that the employees who have been commended will carry forward their achievements and make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to the technological progress of the company.
      Company employees should take their role as an example, self-improve, based on their own duties, strengthen learning, master skills, improve quality, and strive to be technical skills, knowledge and skills, compound skills.